Here is domiciled equestrian center with a riding school and the Equestrian Club Osadkowski.The riding school gives riders the opportunity to deal with the prestigious sports and lifestyle. We offer a professional individual riding lessons, free riding, horse and carriage rides. An unusual attraction for groups up to 20 people is just a trailer ride into the open with full party equipment. 

The restaurant JAKUBUS. Available to guests there are 40 seats in the dining room, 20 seats on the roofed and heated summer terrace as well as comfortable sofas in the nearby garden.For the lovers of music and drinks comfortable lodges in The Piano Bar are determined. This is a place for climatic event and for the evening attractions for the whole of the course.

The area of 20 hectares of water surface guarantees an interesting leisure activities. On the lake shore - large, all-year construction project in mountain style with 120 seats. (Stodola called) was established for a change of hotel stay. Located right on the water and the woods, intended for outdoor events, surrounded by nature.

The hotel JAKUBUS is a location where nature connects with the modern, where the peace and quiet inspiration for further activity, where the comfortable rest competes only with the variety of attractions. In JAKUBUS are offered accommodations in three objects: The Palace, Hotel Behind the Park, as well as in the guest Rooms above Stable.

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