Equestrian traditions of Silesia.

An important aspect of Silesia Equestrian is tis deep embedding in the Silesian region. Silesia is a unique geographic region, which covers a share of Lower and Upper Silesia, Opole and Czech Silesia and Silesian Upper Lusatia. It is a region rich historical, cultural and very attractive for tourists. Region, although very diverse, connects a unique and mysterious beauty of Silesian horse race. The history dates back to the breeding of these horses nineteenth century, at stud of stallions in Lubiąż and Koźle. Silesian horses play a very important role in the promotion of this breed in the international arena by taking part in carriage driving competitions around the world. Our mission is to restore equestrian to the Silesian sport arena. The rich culture, excellent geographical location and equestrian traditions make Silesia is an ideal place for international equestrian Playmaking, which may become specific door to Western Europe. We will make every effort to Silesia Equestrian made its mark in the calendar of equestrian events at the south-western Poland.





Silesia Equestrian Riding is an international event organized for riders. Comfort and satisfaction of riders and horses is our priority. A two-week tour is an excellent opportunity for a sports score, gaining many points Ranking Longines (until 8 competitions giving points for the world ranking LR), training young horses on a modern arena, as well as the usual leisure and fun while in Jakubowice.





Thinking about the public international competitions Equestrian Silesia, in addition to sports emotions have prepared numerous attractions that offers Jakubus and its location: water sports, leisure riding, carriage rides and wagon, children's area, VIP area, rich exhibition area and seasonal and healthy cuisine Jakubus’ restaurant.





Equestrian Silesia 2015 is organized in the Corporate and Individual Jacubus Resort Jakubowice near Namysłów. An area of 40 hectares, there are several of hotel facilities, a Restaurant and Piano Bar, a riding school and the seat Osadkowski Equestrian Club, ponds, bike trails and Nordic walking and professional facilities necessary to organize international equestrian competition, including competition 80x60 square with ground quartz, practice arena, additional places to training, walking and lounging horses, warm-up arena, stationary stables for 150 horses, stands Riders Club, Expo Area, VIP and children's area..




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